PiggyBack Saving Strategy in a Nutshell

David Lin

This article, and the whole website, aims at assisting you to maximize your rewards and savings when you make purchases, both online and local, through a fairly simple and reusable strategy. Also provided is a powerful web App to help implement the strategy.


There are varieties of saving opportunities out there: coupons, discounts, rebates, rewards, etc. One could potentially save a lot of money if she/he could just take advantage of all of them. However, it would be a lot of work to sort them out and keep track of them. It is not easy when considering several limiting factors: ever-changing product-specificity (mostly for things you don’t really need), many different expiration dates, non-predictability, and dis-allowance to combine. Now imagine if there’s a new saving method that is free of any of the above limitations. It will be like a dream come true, right? Well, guess what? Today, this dream will turn into a reality as you read on. Here, we will show you a new strategy that doesn’t have any of the shortcomings above.

The major strategy employed here is to “piggyback”, to stack, or to combine several reward programs or saving opportunities on a single purchase, to save a lot of money. It’s not product-specific, meaning you can save while buying whatever you want. It doesn’t have an expiration date, so you can buy and save whenever you like. And you may be surprised to find out that not only can you apply this saving strategy online, but you can also apply it to most – if not all, of your daily shopping at local stores, including grocery. We will show you how you can combine several saving opportunities in just a few clicks, and it’s a method that you can use over and over again to save a lot of money on your future purchases.

Piggyback Strategy in a Nutshell

What to do: The overall strategy is actually quite simple. Just buy discounted gift cards on eBay (e.g. Walmart, Target gift cards, etc.), then use the discounted gift cards to make all your regular purchases at the stores, both local and online. That’s it! Easy enough! Even a caveman can do it, right?!

What you will get: In this simple strategy, several rewards/savings programs will be naturally combined to maximize your total savings. These programs (and their saving powers) are:

  • Gift Cards on Sale (2-25% discount)
  • eBay Bucks (2-4% reward credit)
  • Credit Card reward program (1.67% cash back)
  • BigCrumbs or Ebates (0-20% cash back)
  • Store Discount or Coupons (0-15% off, 50-75% off for Daily Deals)

The total savings can range from 5.67% to a handsome 45%. If combined with a good Daily Deal, the total saving might even be up to 125% off! I know, the world is upside down!

Five Ways of Savings to Combine

Let’s briefly go over each of the individual rewards programs to be combined…

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