Gift Cards Shopping Tips

Buying gift card is the first and most important step of our PiggyBack Saving Strategy. You can find all varieties of gift cards on sale, under the face value, free shipping, and no tax, regularly on eBay. The discount could range from 2 to 50% regularly. You can use these discounted gift cards to pay for most if not all of your regular shopping needs.

For less often used or luxury gift cards, don’t be surprised to see them at much higher discount, like 50 – 90% off. You probably don’t need to buy jewelries or go to the restaurant everyday, but it will be good for certain occasions. Or, they can be excellent gift ideas.

Because gift cards are considered cash when you use them, you can always combine the saving with any store discounts, coupons and manufacturer coupons (0-10%). Not to mention the sure things: eBay Bucks (2%) and PayPal Extras Cash Reward (1.67%) when you buy them on eBay. Your total savings will be 5.67% to 40% on a daily basis. Imagine how much money you could save.

For instance, let’s see how much you could save on some of these popular gift cards below on eBay. These links, and also all other links in the “GiftCard Comparison” drop-down menu, incorporate our GiftFinder web App, to compare and calculate the %saving in real-time.


Home Depot

All Gift Cards

These are just “Buy it Now” prices. If you have time, you could try some auctions to save even more! Just remember to keep your cool :). Again, GiftFinder can help. Under Advanced Search, just switch the Listing Type to “Auction” to compare the active auctions. Switching the Selling Status to “Sold” will give you the Price Trend and Distribution in the last two weeks, making you the best-informed bidder on eBay.

Also, compare Amazon Gift Cards on eBay and on There are gift cards in a gift box and gift cards in a greeting card to choose from. Running out of time? No problem, just Email an Amazon Gift Card instantly to your gift recipient.

Although you don’t usually see Amazon gift cards selling with a discount, you can still save a lot of shopping time by simply choosing it as a gift. The wide spectrum of products on Amazon ensures there must be something that your gift recipient will like.

Sometimes, you can still find Amazon gift cards sold at fixed price for less than the face value on eBay if you watch closely. You can also find Amazon gift cards auctioned for less than face value on eBay more often. The above 2 links are 2-week historic prices. If you are interested, you can simply switch the Selling Status to “Active” to start buying or bidding.