The goal of this website is to help you save money. We provide four things to help:

1. Piggyback Saving Strategy: The overall saving strategy is described in details. It’s called PiggyBack because it combines several saving opportunities in shopping for any single item. It’s so effective that in some extreme cases, you might save over 100%!

2. GiftFinder, a powerful web App (web based server-side software tool) we developed to help optimize your saving. It searches, compares and analyzes the prices of a given item and keywords. It was originally developed for shopping gift cards on eBay, but it’s also good for shopping everything else. You’ll find this tool very helpful especially since the pricing on eBay is very complicated and the analyzing power of GiftFinder can help you make the best informed decision in buying or selling. We are continuing to expand it to include other online shopping sites, like Amazon.com. The advantage of a web-based software is that you always get the most updated version without having to worry about upgrading.

3. Tables of price comparison for certain product categories. In addition to traditional price comparison, our comparison tables incorporate the functions of the GiftFinder. So you can harness the power of our software tool by a single click in the table without having to learn about how to use the software (although the Giftfinder is not difficult to learn at all). We are working on automating the update of the table. Before that, please note the date of the table when you use it.

4. Shopping tips and gift ideas. There are also some reward-earning opportunities that we’d like to share with you. Hope you’ll find them useful as well.

This site is monetized via several affiliation programs. So by using our tools and links, you will not only save money, but also help fund our web services without spending any extra money.

Enjoy shopping and saving at the same time!
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