GiftCard Comparison

You can save (up to 90%) on incredible offers revealed in our Gift Card Comparison Tables in the drop-down menu.

Our comparison tables utilizes the powerful functions of the GiftFinder, a web based (sever-side) software tool we developed, so you can harness the power of our software tool by a single click in the drop-down menu without having to learn about how to use the software (although the Giftfinder is not difficult to learn at all).

Price analysis, statistics and sub-categories: In additional to the traditional price comparison, also provided are a Price Trend graph, a Price Distribution chart, a Price Statistics table and a list of sub-categories, to assist you in making the most informed shopping decision. A single click on any of the sub-categories will generate a new comparison table focusing on the sub-category of your interest, and all the price analysis and statistics will refresh with it.

The price comparison table is dynamic and interactive. Using the “Advanced Search & Display” to the left of the table, you can tweak the content of the table to narrow down your search and finally find what you want. The table can also be re-sorted by clicking on any entry of the table header.

Please also note that all features/sections are collapsible/expandable by a click at the upper left triangular icons of each section.