Amazon Kindle Warranty and Support Phone Number

Some of the Amazon Kindles, if not all, ship with only limited info regarding the manufacturer warranty. The piece of info could also be hard to locate when you really need it. Below is a collection of all the info, phone numbers and good advice regarding Kindle warranty. Part of it comes from my personal experience.Hope it’s helpful.

Note: If a sentence contains words like “probably”, that means I was trying to fill the gap with my understanding of the industry for your reference.


This Warranty for the Kindle Device (the “Device”) is provided by Amazon Fulfillment Services, Inc., 410 Terry Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210, United States.

The Warranty is good for you and/or your gift recipient, and anyone who obtained the Kindle legally.

The warranty starts on the date of purchase shown on the gift receipt, packing slip or online order record or order confirmation email. You should keep the gift receipt, invoice or packing slip as a proof, especially if you don’t have an online order record. Some receipt/packing slip can fade away with time, so keeping a digital or Xerox copy of it may be a good idea. Register the Kindle as instructed on the screen when you turn it on the first time, then you’ll be all set. In case you lost your receipt/slip, the warranty should still be good, except Amazon will go by the date on their record, probably derived from a certain time after the manufacture date. (Update: Recently I read a post that someone had an experience that the warranty starts when you first activate the Kindle and register it with Amazon. You may need to ask Amazon support for it in case your Kindle needs service near the end of the warranty.)

Full description of the warranty is here ->


Any problem with your Kindle? Visit, or call the Kindle support for troubleshooting at 1-866-321-8851, 1-866-216-1072 or (800) 201-7575. If they decide it as a bad unit, they will fix it or replace it for you.

If you just got your Kindle not long ago and found it defective. You could request a replacement directly. The phone number to contact is 1-877-453-4512 (calling from the U.S.) or 1-206-922-0844 (if you’re calling from outside the U.S.). Replacement with a new one is probably only be available within 30 days from the original delivery date.

Again, the Warranty is good for you and/or your gift recipient, and anyone who obtained the Kindle legally. If you get it via an auction site such as eBay, there is no need to volunteer that information to get things complicated when you contact Kindle Support. You only need to provide info they ask for, such as the serial number, your Amazon account, or the order ID.

The serial number is neededĀ  to verify your Kindle’s warranty status. The serial number is stored inside the Kindle, not at the back of the Kindle anymore. It won’t be available when the kindle is not functional. So it will be a good idea to take a note of the serial number as soon as you receive the Kindle, just in case. If your Kindle is down already, don’t worry. They should still be able to retrieved it by other information below.

When you contact Amazon, they may ask for the name and email of the Amazon account that you register the Kindle with instead of the serial number which is hidden inside the Kindle. If within 30 days of the purchase, they may ask for the order ID. You can findĀ the order ID on your gift receipt, packing slip, online order record or order confirmation email from Amazon or other authorized seller. In case you cannot find any of them, you can still go ahead and call Amazon. They should able to figure it out from your name, address, phone number or email address if any of them is on their record, either as a purchaser, a gift recipient, or a Kindle registrant. If Amazon cannot figure out the warranty status for you, they could tell you what information they need. For example, the order ID, the receipt and/or the name, email and last 4 digit of the credit card used to purchase the Kindle. Then, you can contact the person you received the Kindle from to obtain the information needed, and contact Amazon again.

After they verified that your Kindle is still covered by the warranty, they will try some troubleshooting with your Kindle. If they decide that it needs to be replaced, what they usually do is to send a replacement unit to you in expedited shipping for free. They will also provide a prepaid return shipping label for you to ship the bad unit back to them.

Hope this is helpful.

Enjoy your Kindle!

Followup: Here’s some feedback from our buyer/reader

“we were able to get a hold of amazon and talked to them and they are sending a brand new one to my house. all they asked is i return the broken one back to them. shipping is paid for both ways by them.
thank you for the help.”